20 Easy Low Carb Slow Cooker Recipes

Are you looking for low carb slow cooker recipes for your crockpot? Here are twenty easy healthy dinner recipes to start slow cooking now.

Easy low carb slow cooker dinners!

Let your slow cooker do the work for you with these easy low carb recipes. Save time and effort while making healthy and delicious meals that cook low and slow thanks to this handy countertop appliance. 

With minimal prep, you can create gluten-free and keto diet-friendly meals such as pulled pork, homemade stocks for soups, stew, chili, meatloaf, sausage and peppers, and much more. 

Use your slow cooker to roast whole chicken that’s seasoned just the way you like it. This efficient appliance is perfect when your schedule won’t allow for leisurely time in the kitchen.

Depending on the capacity of your slow cooker, you can even make a double batch of some recipes for freezer-friendly meal planning options. 

Easy Low Carb Dinners

These low carb slow cooker ideas are a fabulous resource to keep your dinner rotation fresh and make busy weeknights easier. Just add a vegetable side to these main dishes and dinner is done!

Chicken soup in slow cooker

Crock Pot Chicken Soup

Nourishing comfort food at its best is what you’ll get with this crockpot chicken soup recipe. Carrots, onion, celery, herbs and chicken are added to filtered water to cook low and slow with this easy soup. Be sure and use bone-in chicken thighs or breasts to get bone broth gelatin benefits that are released thanks to the slow cooking process.
Recipe by Cook Eat Well

Whole chicken in slow cooker with garlic, lemon, celery, carrot, onion and herbs

Crock Pot Whole Chicken

Skip the oven roasting and use your crockpot to cook a whole chicken to tender and savory deliciousness. Add some veggies like carrots, onion and celery to the bottom of the slow cooker before you add your lemon, garlic and herb blend seasoned chicken on top.

Set the timer for 6 to 8 hours and come back to cooked meat ready to help you meal plan your week with poultry-inspired dinners.
Recipe by Cook Eat Well

Easy Chicken Stock

Homemade chicken bone broth in mason jar

it doesn’t get easier or more healthy than this: make your own chicken stock with the bones from the whole chicken you just cooked. Add bones, vegetables and water to your slow cooker and set it on the lowest setting for 12 to 18 hours.

You’ll be left with amazingly nutritious bone broth. Strain out the veggies and store the stock in glass jars in your fridge or freezer for future use.
Recipe by Cook Eat Well

Slow cooker Bolognese sauce with zoodles

Turkey Bolognese Sauce

You’ll want to make a batch or two of this low carb spaghetti sauce to keep on hand in the freezer for easy meal planning options. The ground turkey doesn’t even need to be browned first; just add it to your crockpot with the tomatoes, herbs and veggies and let it slowly cook.

Serve over zucchini noodles or other low carb pasta options to keep for a hearty and satisfying dinner.
Recipe by Cook Eat Well

Slow cooked turkey thigh with BBQ sauce

Barbeque Turkey Thighs

Turkey thighs are coated with a savory sugar-free peach barbeque sauce and slow cooked to tenderness in your crockpot. This recipe is perfect for shredded meat which you can use throughout the week for multiple meals, or serve on the bone with low carb sides for a wonderful meal that’s healthy and savory.
Recipe by Cook Eat Well

Slow cooker no bean chicken chili

Cauliflower Chicken Chili

Carb-friendly cauliflower shares space with chicken in this hearty chili recipe that comes together on its own in your slow cooker. While traditional chili contains beans, here, vegetables step in to fill this meal with nutritious goodness.
Recipe by Cook Eat Well

Crockpot pulled pork

Easy Pulled Pork

Meal prep is made easy with a batch of this pulled pork that’s seasoned with a delectable sugar-free homemade barbeque sauce. Use a boneless pork shoulder and add it to your crockpot with the sauce.

Shred it for later use so you can make low carb meals like lettuce wraps or serve it with coleslaw or mashed cauliflower.
Recipe by Cook Eat Well

Keto crockpot sesame beef

Sesame Beef

Packed with protein, this hands-off meal of beef with a sesame dipping sauce is an outrageously tasty dish that’s paleo, keto and ridiculously easy to make.

Your slow cooker does the work of cooking a beef roast that’s seasoned with coconut aminos. The sauce is a tasty blend of sesame oil, garlic coconut aminos and sesame seeds.
Recipe by The Keto Summit

Chipotle Barbacoa from Meals Made Simple

Simple Chipotle Barbacoa

Keep it healthy and opt for organic grass-fed meat for this spicy chipotle beef dish. This meat cooks slowly in your crockpot surrounded by a host of savory herbs, chipotle peppers, onion, tomato paste and beef stock. Give it 7 hours to fully cook and then shred it and serve over lettuce with guacamole and salsa.
Recipe from Meals Made Simple

Broccoli Ginger Turmeric Soup

Make a batch of this slow cooker soup during winter weather to keep you warm and healthy. Full of vegetable broth, fresh chopped broccoli, turmeric and leeks, this soup packs in anti-inflammatory ingredients in a savory and delicious way. Leftovers are always a plus and are freezer-friendly, too.
Recipe by Sweet Peas And Saffron

White Chicken Chili

This dairy-free, sugar-free, and gluten-free slow cooker chili uses coconut milk, chicken breasts, chicken stock and spicy herbs and veggies to give it that all day simmered taste. It will need at least 6 hours to cook to awesomeness before you dive in to shred the chicken. Serve with cilantro and chopped jalapeño.
Recipe by Savoring Italy

Creamy Mushroom Soup

Made with white button mushrooms, ghee, onions, garlic, herbs and unsweetened coconut milk, the chicken stock base is thickened with gluten-free flour or arrowroot powder. Use white wine to enhance the flavor or, optionally, use more stock.

Let it all cook low and slow for up to 4 hours. Healthy and savory, it’s perfect for a fall or winter soup meal or even as a gravy.
Recipe by Clean Food Crush

Slow Cooker Meatloaf

This paleo version of meatloaf is a healthier version of a comfort food meal. Ground beef or turkey is mixed with egg, almond flour, tomato paste, onion, garlic and seasoning before being formed into a loaf and set in the slow cooker. Brush it with a sugar-free tomato-based sauce to keep it moist and juicy.

This awesome dish can be ready in as little as 3 hours. Serve with mashed cauliflower and your favorite green veggie.
Recipe by Life Made Sweeter

Balsamic Chicken

Rich and full of balsamic flavor, this slow cooker chicken is an easy and tasty protein to make. Use chicken breasts or thighs, balsamic vinegar, crushed tomatoes, onion and garlic to create a sumptuous flavor profile.

Serve with cauliflower and steamed broccoli. Keep these ingredients on hand so you can make this crowd-pleasing chicken dinner anytime.
Recipe by Seeking Good Eats

Spaghetti, sausages, stew

Slow Cooker Sausages

Sausage and peppers get cooked slowly for a fragrant and family-friendly low-carb meal that’s super easy to prepare. Brown the sausages on the stovetop for a few minutes before adding them, along with sliced peppers and onions, to your crock pot.

Serve with a side salad. This meal is freezer-friendly, so save any leftovers for another meal.
Recipe by Wicked Spatula

Chicken Tikka Masala

Here’s a swoon-worthy version of low carb, dairy-free, gluten-free chicken tikka masala prepared in a slow cooker for outrageous flavor development. Coconut milk, chicken broth and tomato paste along with garam masala and other spices infuse the chicken during this 4-hour cooking session. Serve over cauliflower rice for a treat for your taste buds.
Recipe by The Whole Kitchen Sink

Unstuffed Cabbage Roll Soup

Your slow cooker will make a delicious cabbage soup that uses cauliflower in place of rice to keep it low carb.

Ground beef and low carb marinara sauce add protein and flavor in a base of beef broth. Sliced cabbage, riced cauliflower, onions and spices round out the ingredients. You’ll love this grain-free and healthy version of this soup.
Recipe by Sugar Free Mom

Sausages, beef, soup

Keto Mexican Chicken

This dinner is bursting with flavor, thanks to the diced tomatoes and taco seasoning spice that covers the skinless chicken breasts in this dump and cook meal. Add in sour cream for a cheesy flavor. Just shred the chicken once it’s cooked and keep the net carbs low by serving it in lettuce wraps or over riced cauliflower. So tasty!
Recipe by The Top Meal

No Bean Butternut Squash Chili

Fall and winter is the right time to make use of nature’s bounty of vegetables, and here, roasted butternut squash lends its mild and creamy flavor to this no bean slower cooker chili. Ground turkey or chicken adds protein to this meal.

Savoriness is achieved with vegetable broth, tomato sauce, onions, garlic, and bell peppers. Add a bit of cumin, too, for good measure. So good!
Recipe by Savoring Italy

Meatloaf, soup, pork

Slow Cooker Pork Chops

You’ll love these tender pork chops and homemade paleo gravy that uses coconut milk to produce a thick and creamy texture. Seasoned coconut flour coats the pork chops for a quick browning on the stovetop.

Add them to your slow cooker with coconut water and a host of seasonings. Add the creamy coconut gravy ingredients toward the end of cooking so that it can thicken. Tender and outrageously delicious!
Recipe by Tastes Of Lizzy T

Low carb crockpot recipes are great for making on the weekend or on busy evenings since they are easy to prep ahead of time. These healthy keto favorites can be made with just a few ingredients and cooked in a slow cooker to give you plenty of dinner options. 


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