6 Things Toxicity Experts Want You To Stop Doing In Your Bedroom

Especially if your bedroom is carpeted, Caroline Blazovsky, the founder of My Healthy Home, says it’s essential to vacuum at least once a week. Her rule of thumb is to run the machine according to how many people and pets live in your household. So if you have two people and two pets, that means vacuuming four times a week.

It might sound excessive, but building biologist and environmental consultant Ryan Blaser says that staying on top of vacuuming is especially important in the bedroom since it’s often home to so many dust mites. Between the mattress, the floor, and any upholstery, the room has plenty of surfaces for these mites to gather, potentially triggering allergies and respiratory irritation in the process.

Blazovsky recommends vacuuming with a machine that has a HEPA filter to pick up all that tiny dust and debris. If you have wood floors, you can go a little longer between cleans, but you should be sure to air out your rugs and vacuum underneath them every once in a while.

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