Gong sounds – instrument, information, and therapeutic help

What’s a gong?

A Gong instrument is a spherical steel disc or bowl, struck to provide or contribute to percussion in music and different sound practices. Gongs are historically used for musical functions, particularly in international locations like China, Indonesia, and Burma. Nevertheless, gong sounds are so highly effective that the instrument is used for extra than simply musical enjoyment.

In lots of cultures and historic durations, gongs don’t solely play important roles in leisure; they’re additionally used as sound markers for ceremonial occasions and instruments for bodily, emotional, and religious sound therapeutic.

The historical past of gongs

The preliminary origin of the gong is unknown. That stated, the oldest archaeological findings of historic gongs have been discovered within the space round fashionable Tibet. Pictures of them have been present in visible artwork from China as early as 6 CE.

In different East and Southeast Asia areas, Gongs are nonetheless closely used for his or her conventional functions. Do you know that “Gong” is an Indonesian phrase? This instrument continues to take care of sturdy roots in Bali and Java Indonesian islands

Different sources recommend that the disc-like devices have been unearthed through the Bronze age when ovens melted and extracted tin and copper from rocks. The invention of extra perfect alloys that will make high quality materials that produces highly effective lengthy vibrations would date again to not less than 4000 BCE. Nevertheless, in the event that they have been first shaped considerably out of fundamental supplies, they are able to be drawn again as early as 10,000 BCE.

Although booming immediately, gong baths and sound therapeutic have been additionally widespread in historic European occasions. Proof of sound as a therapeutic follow has been present in information from historic Egypt, Greece, Rome, and England, with a roman gong courting from 100-200 BCE. The gong instrument’s present presence in western tradition began within the 1700s and continues to achieve appreciation.

How are gongs made?

Gongs are shaped from discs of various metals, bronze being the most typical. Different copper alloys like brass are additionally usually used to make gongs. Their manufacturing often takes place in factories the place different steel devices like chimes and bells are made as properly.

The three fundamental sorts of gongs

Gong sounds – instrument, information, and therapeutic help


You might be acquainted with bowl gongs, usually referred to as “singing bowls.” The bowl form permits the steel to create extra bell-like sounds than extra conventional gongs.

They’re additionally tuned by their form and create totally different pitches based on their dimension.

Their precision makes them perfect for sound therapeutic and different practices the place the practitioner might need to concentrate on producing a selected sound vibration. Practitioners can strike or rub the singing bowls to make the sound they want.


Suspended gongs are flat discs with holes close to the highest of their periphery for a wire to run by and connect the gong to a body from which it hangs. The gong is hit with a mallet and creates a particular pitch as a result of the percussionist doesn’t maintain them in place.

Suspended gongs are most frequently used for orchestras and operas. Examples are the wind gong, the tiger gong, and the Pasi gong.


Nipple gongs have a raised knob or “nipple” within the heart of the disc. These nipples are also referred to as “bosses,” explaining the nipple gong’s various title, “bossed gong.”

Nipple gongs are historically utilized in Filipino music, known as Kulintang. They’re additionally usually current in Buddhist temples as their sounds have been a sacred piece of Buddhist cultural practices for hundreds of years.

What’s the goal of a gong?

The gong is basically a supply of highly effective, transferring sound vibrations. What these vibrations are used for can range by tradition, group, or practitioner.


As an instrument, gongs are revered for the power of the sounds they will produce. Their power and depth makes them a useful piece of any musical style. The number of sizes makes gongs appropriate for all types of melodies.

The bigger gongs that make a deeper sound are good for the low increase you are feeling transferring by your chest. Smaller gongs with greater pitches work properly for clings and crashes.

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Musicians can play with totally different makes to seek out the gong sound that fits their music. Opera gongs are nice examples of how the suitable gong can intensify even probably the most particular sorts of music.

Ceremony and Ritual

Due to the profound power of the gongs sound, it’s usually used to accompany necessary occasions. Throughout essential moments in religious ceremonies or rituals, the gong is used to tug the individuals again into the second. The sturdy vibration urges them to really feel their presence and the importance of the occasion during which they’re taking part.

Gong sounds are additionally a way of communication as a result of you’ll be able to hear them from so far-off. Banging the gong may sign a selected time of day or special occasion of the 12 months. It additionally could possibly be used to let a neighborhood know an occasion has taken place and that they need to take motion.

Sound baths

Meditating with a gong can also be referred to as gong bathing. The members are literally bathing within the sound vibrations that the instrument produces. There was an increasing number of analysis on sound frequencies and their results on the human mind and different bodily techniques.

Sound bathing can be utilized to handle well being circumstances. As yogis, it’s generally understood that we maintain stress and different components within the physique.

Stresses trigger cells to vibrate at low frequencies, which may result in illness and different illnesses that have an effect on the standard of life. The highly effective sound waves from the gong usually are not solely heard. They transfer by all the physique and create motion and transformation on a mobile degree.

Gong sound waves are additionally used to regulate an individual’s brainwaves, making a heightened sense of consciousness. The waves assist chill out the thoughts and convey them again into the current second. Sound meditation provides members the identical psychological and emotional advantages as common meditation, however with an additional increase.

Completely different-sized gongs, particularly singing bowls, are used to resonate with totally different dimensions of an individual’s physique. Some sound healers have a singing bowl useful for tuning every chakra.

Gong sounds – instrument, information, and therapeutic help

How is sound meditation practiced?

Savasana is the usual place in gong baths as a result of it means that you can chill out and divulge heart’s contents to the vibrations. Resting with eyes closed and presumably accompanied by a blanket and different favourite props units the participant up for the expertise.

The practitioner or information will queue the members by the phases of sound therapeutic. Comfortable, light sounds are used to start the session and ease the our bodies into an much more relaxed, current state. Progressively, the quantity and depth improve, however solely sufficient to stay comfy and non-intrusive in order that therapeutic can happen.

The gong sounds and rhythms change all through in a method that continues to stimulate the members and activate totally different brainwaves.

The alpha brainwave state vibrates between 8 and 12 hertz and encourages rest and creativeness related to daydreams and creativity. Theta brainwaves vibrate between 4 and seven hertz. The theta state is the state of hypnosis, meditation, and deep therapeutic.

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Gong sounds – instrument, information, and therapeutic help

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Chinese language

In China, Gongs have been used since not less than the 800s BCE, and they’re usually used for religious occasions and tribal conferences. Three sorts of Chinese language gongs are historically current within the Chinese language gong household.

The Chau gongs are the historically made gongs, producing a mixture of sounds equivalent to fundamental tones and the well-known crashing noise. Chau gongs have been principally used to seize a crowd’s consideration so necessary individuals may make their method by.

Bao gongs are thick with protruding nipples, they usually produce an intense, deep, and centered tone. Opera gongs are the smaller ones that make excessive pitches that descend or ascend when hit. As you will have guessed, opera gongs are used for Chinese language opera as they create a sound much less earthy and extra “song-songy.”


“Balinese gong” might sound prefer it refers to a unique sort of instrument utilized in Balinese music, but it surely really refers back to the precise ensemble of music during which gongs are used.

The complete time period for this style of music, native to Indonesia, is “Gamelan Gong Kebyar.” When you’re interested by its sound, know that Kebyar is Indonesian for “to flare up and burst open.”

The totally different timbres and pitches vary 5 octaves from deep low booms to excessive and piercing clings.

The gong cycle, known as the “gongen,” consists of teams of beats. “Gong ageng” refers back to the gongen being divided into sections by the various kinds of gongs.

The smallest ones create the heart beat, and the medium ones are available each 4 or 8 beats.

Gede, the most important and deepest gong, is used to complete the gongen. Gede is Balinese for ‘massive,” and due to this, Gede is historically probably the most sacred sound and instrument of the Gamelan Gong Kebyar. Its sound waves have the ability to interrupt by the remainder of the ensemble and journey miles away.

What’s a tam-tam?

Although a tam-tam is taken into account its personal instrument within the west, it’s really a member of the gong household.

In contrast to nipple gongs which have knobs within the heart and produce a particular pitch, a tam-tam is only a flat disc and is indefinite in pitch. Tam-tams and their chaotic vibe are utilized in orchestra to create a sound wash that marks a peak, dramatic second of a music. Although you’ll be able to obtain extra tones on a tam-tam with totally different strikes and mallets, a melody can’t actually be achieved.

What’s used to strike a gong?

Wood mallets, with a bulb on the finish that’s wrapped in felt, are historically used to hit a gong. In fashionable occasions, gong beaters are additionally wrapped in leather-based, and supplies apart from wooden can be utilized. Some musicians would possibly even use a drumstick. Nevertheless, this impacts the standard of the sound.

Why purchase a gong?

Gong sounds – instrument, information, and therapeutic help

In historic occasions, individuals noticed the metals that shaped the gong as a present from heaven that got here right down to earth within the meteorites. Since then, its use has not misplaced its worth in musical, religious, and ceremonial help.

When you’re in search of a robust addition so as to add to your musical ensemble or a vibrational ally to assist optimize your well being, it’s time to bang a gong!

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