Keto Avocado Toast {Coconut Flour Bread}

Yes, you can enjoy a tasty avocado toast on the keto diet! Simply replace the traditional bread with coconut flour-based low-carb bread.

You can quickly make the bread in your microwave, then toast it in a buttered skillet. Add some avocado and a fried egg and you’ve got yourself an amazing, filling low-carb breakfast.

My teenage kids tell me that avocado toast is the invention of millennials. Perhaps, but even midlife palettes find it quite delicious. However, I had to come up with a keto version before my husband and I could partake.

For the bread, I use my trusted recipe for 90-second bread. It’s a super quick bread that you quickly mix in a bowl, then microwave for 90 seconds. After toasting it in a greased skillet, it’s delicious, and can be used as the perfect low-carb base in this recipe.

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Here’s an overview of the ingredients you’ll need to make this recipe. The exact measurements are included in the recipe card below.

For the bread: Butter, whole milk, egg, salt, coconut flour, and baking powder (gluten-free if needed). If you object to using milk on the keto diet, you can use heavy cream instead.

For the avocado mash: A ripe avocado, cilantro, lemon juice, salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes. When it comes to the avocado, I prefer the Haas variety. It’s creamier and less fibrous/watery than other varieties.

Remaining ingredients: Butter for toasting the bread and frying the egg, and a large egg.


Making a keto avocado toast is easy! Scroll down to the recipe card for detailed instructions. Here are the basic steps:

You start by making the 90-second bread. You simply mix the ingredients in a glass square container and “bake” it in the microwave.

Next, prepare the avocado. Simply mash it with cilantro, lemon juice, salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes.

Now, toast the bread and cook the egg. You can do it in the same large skillet.

A photo collage showing steps 1-4 for making a low-carb avocado toast.

The last step is to assemble the toast. Top the toasted bread with the mashed avocado, add the egg on top, and serve.

A photo collage showing steps 5-8 for making a keto avocado toast.

Frequently asked questions

Can you make avocado toast ahead of time?

Unfortunately, this is a dish that you can’t successfully make ahead. None of the ingredients – the bread, the avocado, or the egg – is going to do too well if stored, even just for a few hours.

Can I use store-bought keto bread?

Absolutely. If you have a store-bought bread that you like and use anyway, you can absolutely use it to make this recipe. It will certainly make your life easier!

Can I use prepared guacamole?

Yes! This is another shortcut that you can definitely make. I do find that freshly mashed avocado tastes best, but store-bought guacamole works, and I use it often.

Variations and substiutions

Here are a few ideas for you for varying this recipe:

  • As mentioned above, you can use store-bought bread. You can also use slices of this almond flour bread.
  • A pinch of garlic powder is a nice addition to the bread. You can also add it to the mashed avocado.
  • Instead of mashing the avocado, you can slice it and season it with salt and pepper.
  • You can use a soft-boiled egg or a poached egg instead of a fried one.

Serving suggestions

Low-carb avocado toast is perfect anytime. It makes a tasty, filling breakfast, a wonderful snack, or you could even make two of them for a very satisfying meatless dinner.

It’s a complete meal so it doesn’t really need any sides. But if you serve it for dinner, you could certainly add a simple side dish such as this arugula salad.

Storing leftovers

I don’t recommend keeping leftovers from this recipe. Try to make only as much as you’ll be able to eat right away.

Two pieces of low-carb avocado toast topped with fried eggs.

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Recipe card

Keto Avocado Toast with Coconut Flour Bread

Keto avocado toast is delicious, filling, and very versatile – enjoy it for breakfast, lunch, snack or even dinner.

Prep Time10 mins

Cook Time10 mins

Total Time20 mins

Course: Breakfast

Cuisine: American

Diet: Gluten Free

Servings: 1 servings

Calories: 644kcal


Make the bread:

  • Place the butter in a square 5-inch glass container (I use a small food storage/ meal prep container similar to this one). Microwave until melted, about 50 seconds.
  • Mix in the heavy cream, egg, and salt. Add the coconut flour and baking powder and mix patiently until thoroughly combined.

  • Microwave the batter for 90 seconds. Allow to rest for a minute, then carefully run a knife around the edges and release the bread from the container. If the bottom sticks, carefully run a small spatula underneath.

Prepare the toast:

  • Use a fork to mash half an avocado well. Mix in cilantro, lemon juice, salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes.

  • Heat a medium nonstick skillet over medium heat. Add a teaspoon of butter and swirl to coat. Add the bread and cook until browned, about 2 minutes on each side. Remove to a plate.

  • Add another teaspoon of butter to the skillet and swirl to coat. Break an egg into the skillet and cook it to your liking.

  • Top the toasted bread with the avocado, then top it with the cooked egg. Serve immediately.


Variations: You can easily double the recipe and make two servings, as I do in the video. You can use store-bought bread. You can also use slices of this almond flour bread. Instead of mashing the avocado, you can slice it and season it with salt and pepper. You can use a soft-boiled egg or a poached egg instead of fried.
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Calories: 644kcal | Carbohydrates: 20g | Protein: 19g | Fat: 56g | Saturated Fat: 26g | Sodium: 943mg | Fiber: 11g | Sugar: 5g

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