Keto Old-Fashioned Cake Donuts – Recipe

Wow! Tried these for the first time tonight. They definitely taste good and I really like the texture. Even my boyfriend really liked them (there were expletives used in a positive way!), and he is super picky!
I did make a few modifications-

1) I used a mini cupcake tin and filled them about 3/4 full. It worked like a charm!! The recipe made exactly 24 of them, so 1 serving was three cakes, and I baked them for 15 minutes instead of 20.
2) I added cinnamon to the frosting. Unfortunately I did it to taste, so I’m unsure how much I used, but I would guess somewhere around 1.5 Tbs. I really loved the addition.
3) I made some with and some without the chocolate drizzle. I preferred them without.
4) I was out of coconut oil so I used butter for the whole recipe.
5) I added two squirts of liquid stevia to the frosting. I think it gave a better flavor and texture than using the erythritol by itself.
Whew! I think that’s it. But again – great base recipe!! Have been told by the boyfriend to hold onto this one!

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