Key Keto Meals on a Ketogenic Weight loss program. – 2HealthyHabits


VITAMIN C is used to restore the harm from the excessive ranges of sugar and insulin. This harm impacts your imaginative and prescient, the arteries, kidney and nervous system. Vitamin C can be essential to heal insulin resistance. Lemon juice from a bottle that you simply purchase on the shelf is all pasteurized, it’s cooked, it’s heated. There isn’t a vitamin C left.   

Key Keto Meals on a Ketogenic Weight loss program. – 2HealthyHabits

The juice from one contemporary squeezed lemon, which is a bit more than an oz. and the quantity usually used to make 1 cup of lemonade, gives about 19 milligrams of vitamin C.

The benefit of consuming lemon juice can be to counteract a few of the stones that could possibly be growing on a Ketogenic plan.

Bell peppers are loaded with vitamin C particularly the inexperienced bell pepper. All of the peppers have a superb quantity.  In accordance with the Diet Heart, a purple pepper comprises 180 milligrams.

Sauerkraut is one other meals that’s loaded with vitamin C. In case you had a half a cup daily that may offer you far more than you would want.  Sauerkraut can go as much as virtually 700 mg per cup. That’s 20 instances extra Vitamin C than in plain cabbage.

OMEGA 3 FATTY ACIDS from wild-caught salmon and fatty fish are additionally essential.

VITAMIN B1 is available in sunflower seeds, and non-fortified dietary yeast. The necessity for B vitamin goes up whenever you get into ketosis. B1 is a very powerful.  Sunflower seeds have a superb quantity of B1 they usually produce other B nutritional vitamins as effectively.

Pork has a superb quantity of B1.  Non-processed no sugar bacon has vitamin B. Dietary yeast is one other that’s loaded with the B-vitamins.

POTASSIUM AND MAGNESIUM comes from consuming greens. Potassium is critical to heal insulin resistance amongst different points. 

Magnesium additionally heals insulin resistance. In case you eat something inexperienced like leafy greens, avocados and darkish leafy inexperienced greens you’re going to get sufficient potassium. Beet tops have probably the most potassium, 1300 milligrams per cup. Magnesium is definitely in chlorophyll.  Avocados have 1300 milligrams every. We’d like massive portions of greens to get the vitamins, 7 – 10 cups per day.

To study extra watch Dr. Berg’s Video, The Highest Potassium Meals https://www.drberg.com/weblog/the-highest-potassium-foods

IODINE comes from seafood and sea kelp.  Iodine so that is one other hint mineral that’s truly exhausting to get except you’re consuming seafood.

IRON is in purple meat and even organ meats.  Iron fortifies your blood so you possibly can have endurance.

PHYTONUTRIENTS from sprouts and cruciferous greens present nutritional vitamins and minerals that act as an anti-cancer anti-astringent. They clear the physique and shield it towards all kinds of harm from the setting. To get these vitamins and eat sprouts like broccoli sprouts. Sprouts have about 50 instances extra vitamins than common grownup greens. In case you mix greens and sprouts you’re going to be completely tremendous.

To study extra watch Dr. Berg’s video Dietary Advantages of Sprouts https://www.drberg.com/weblog/nutritional-benefits-of-sprouts

This Publish has been condensed from Dr. Berg’s video, Key Keto Meals on a Ketogenic Weight loss program https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A88BLnhj9Fk

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Key Keto Meals on a Ketogenic Weight loss program. – 2HealthyHabits

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