Man Flow Yoga Helps Anthony Go From Wearing An XXL To A Medium (Member Highlight: Anthony O’Leary)

“I’ve lost seventy five pounds in the past two years directly because of Man Flow Yoga.” 

Anthony O’Leary, Man Flow Yoga Member

Man Flow Yoga Member, Anthony O’Leary, like many other Members discovered Man Flow Yoga on complete accident. 

At the time, Anthony was pushing 300 lbs. Other workout modalities, like P90X for example, weren’t working for Anthony. And after losing his job at the beginning of the pandemic, he remembered thinking to himself:

“Either I’m gonna sit on a couch and eat my way to 400 lbs, or I could do something about it.” 

That one decision changed the rest of his life. Not sure what to do, he began searching YouTube for “yoga for men,” discovered Dean and Man Flow Yoga, and began what’s blossomed into an incredible weight loss and fitness journey. 

He signed up for the Strengths Foundation Challenge, and within his first three months of Man Flow Yoga, Anthony shed 40 lbs of fat!

He continued his weight loss journey throughout the rest of 2020, crediting Man Flow Yoga for his amazing fitness journey. 

He walked into 2020 weighing 300 lbs and wearing XXL clothing. He walked out of 2020 wearing a medium shirt!

When he was close to 300 pounds, he just didn’t realize how much of a toll it took on his body, until, well, he shed the weight and felt the differences for himself. 

Before discovering Man Flow Yoga, Anthony always woke up stiff. His knees ached. And the worst part? He didn’t even realize it. When you’re that heavy, he says, you just kind of exist in pain day to day. But looking back on it, he’s shocked by how unhealthy he was and felt. Especially compared to the current day Anthony O’Leary. 

The present day Anthony O’Leary, by the way, is down 75 lbs since starting Man Flow Yoga. Plus, he’s tacked on more muscle. All because he committed to making Man Flow Yoga a daily activity. 

Why Anthony Chose (And Stuck With) Man Flow Yoga

During the pandemic, Anthony was bored to death sitting at home. The only thing he did, besides sit on the couch playing video games or watching Netflix, was take his husky on 10 mile walks. 

He needed something different in his life. That’s when he discovered the 6-week Strengths Foundation Challenge. He decided to give it a try, and fell in love with Man Flow Yoga after watching his first video. 

That first video changed his life. Of course, he stuck with Man Flow Yoga as his main fitness modality. But in the summer of 2020, after he’d been a Member for a few months, Dean partnered with Central Athlete, and Anthony went all in. In the summer, he started optimizing his diet. He hired Chris Banks from Central Athlete to further improve his fitness regimen. 

And now his friends and extended family who haven’t seen him in a while don’t even recognize him!

Now, there’s not a day that goes by where he doesn’t do some type of Man Flow Yoga. He works out four to five times a week, so he’ll squeeze in a Man Flow Yoga video—even some light stretching—wherever he can. He loves doing a quick Man Flow Yoga video during his lunch breaks because his desk job makes him stiff. And Man Flow Yoga lubricates his body and joints like a well-oiled machine. 

Another component of Man Flow Yoga that made Anthony stick with it for over two years?

There’s not a spirituality component attached to it. That was actually one of the primary things he was looking for when he realized he wanted yoga to become a major part of his exercise routine. Instead of the spirituality schtick, Anthony wanted something that would help him reach his goals. 

Plus, Anthony loves Dean’s instruction style—something nearly all our Members have said in their Member Highlight stories—especially when Dean talks about muscle activation. Anthony doesn’t even have to look at the videos to know what poses to do and which muscles to activate. This is something that disappointed Anthony about P90X — he never knew what muscles he should activate while working through those videos. 

The last thing that Anthony loves about Man Flow Yoga?

Despite Man Flow Yoga being virtual, he feels like he’s in a one-on-one yoga session with Dean each time he searches for a video and pops it on. He’s even gotten a compliment when he went to an in-person yoga class because the instructor couldn’t believe it was his first in-person yoga class. Well, in a way it wasn’t because Dean’s ability to make each Man Flow Yoga video feel like you’re in the gym with him. 

How has Man Flow Yoga changed Anthony’s life?

Besides the incredible weight loss journey Anthony experienced thanks to Man Flow Yoga, he’s noticed other benefits too:

Of course, he’s healthier, limber, stronger, more flexible, and more mobile now. But the most noticeable difference—at least according to him, because he lost so much weight his friends didn’t recognize him at first!—is actually in his mental health. 

Anthony lives twenty minutes north of Boston, and as such, goes through month-long periods where he sees minimal sunlight. This causes quite the case of seasonal depressive disorder. 

Now, seasonal depression still kicks in during the dark and gloomy winter months in Massachusetts. But regular movement, mindfulness, and breathing stunts its impact on him. All of this coalesces into a more positive outlook on life, which is something that shocked him because being vitamin D deficient, seasonal depression used to kick him in the ass. 

But now? It plays a much less significant role in his life. 

What are Anthony’s favorite parts about Man Flow Yoga? 

Besides Dean’s instruction style, he also loves the app, particularly the search features. They make it phenomenally easy to find the exact type of video he’s looking for. Even one word search terms give him over 17 videos of varying lengths to choose from. 

The calendar feature is another one of his favorites. He doesn’t have to think about what he should do day in and day out, which he admits was one of his biggest struggles with his general fitness journey. 

He also finds the private Man Flow Yoga Facebook group to be an endless source of motivation. He bounces on every partnership Dean announces—from Central Athlete to Caldera + Lab skincare and any others that pop up. 

Anthony’s closet also loves Man Flow Yoga because it’s helped him give away around 50 pairs of pants that no longer fit him. 

Why Anthony thinks you should join Man Flow Yoga 

Anthony’s always recommending Man Flow Yoga to his friends and family. His parents are in their 60s, pushing retirement, and his dad sounds like Rice Krispies when he gets off the couch. Everything in his body just snaps, cracks, and pops. When he complains about how he’s sore and stiff, Anthony mentions Man Flow Yoga, and how you can start with the 6-week Strength Foundations Challenge for only $9. 

When he wears Man Flow Yoga swag to the gym, he always gets a comment about it too, which he uses as an opportunity to spread the good word about Man Flow Yoga. 

As for why you should join Man Flow Yoga?

Well, Anthony attributes Man Flow Yoga directly to losing 75 pounds and becoming healthier in his 30s than he ever was at any other point in his life. (He grew up in an Italian family that was always trying to get him to eat, eat, eat.) 

In fact, he doesn’t think his fitness journey would be even a fraction as successful as it was if it wasn’t for Dean. Everything fitness related just clicked for Anthony when he watched the first video in the Strength Foundations Challenge. And the rest of Anthony’s fitness journey is, as they say, history.

Man Flow Yoga Helps Anthony Go From Wearing An XXL To A Medium (Member Highlight: Anthony O’Leary)

Ready To Try Man Flow Yoga & Jumpstart Your Fitness Journey?

If you’d like to start with the same Strength Foundations Challenge responsible for Anthony’s incredible weight loss journey, you can sign up for $9 below: 

Join the Strength Foundations Challenge here. 

Already a Man Flow Yoga member? Share your story with other men like you by booking a Member Stories call at  https://manflowyoga.com/member-highlights-signup

Man Flow Yoga Helps Anthony Go From Wearing An XXL To A Medium (Member Highlight: Anthony O’Leary)

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