Mashed rutabaga (swede mash or neeps)

Mashed rutabaga, or swede mash, is a straightforward aspect recipe and also eye-catching various to mashed potato or various origin environment-friendlies. It sets totally with a spread of keys like roast meats and also sausages with a light and also delicately sweet preference.

Mashed rutabaga (swede mash or neeps)

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Rutabaga is a veggie that passes simply a couple of totally various names, also inside English. Whereas rutabaga is one of the most regular is The United States and Canada, originating from a Swedish language expression “rotabagge” (” rot” being origin, “bagge” being lot or swelling), it furthermore passes Swedish turnip in areas.

Within the UK, one of the most regular title is swede in England nevertheless having actually matured in Scotland, we would generally call them a turnip. And also sure, we would certainly call white turnips a turnip as efficiently. You ‘d furthermore see it as “neeps” in Scots language, nevertheless since late that is merely generally when it’s offered with haggis. Haggis, neeps and also tatties (potatoes) are the typical dish for Burns Night, commemorating the across the country poet. Which is merely exactly how we would certainly assemble them.

Mashed rutabaga (swede mash or neeps)

What are the beginnings of rutabaga?

Rutabaga is an origin veggie which is relatively a crossbreed made with cabbage and also turnip. It’s thought to have actually come from Scandinavia, Finland or Russia. A Swiss botanist, Gaspard Bauhin, initial videotaped it in 1620 having actually found it increasing wild in Sweden (ref: Wikipedia). Probably, that belongs of why a few of its numerous names consult from Sweden. It furthermore remains somewhat well-used in Scandinavian food preparation.

Over the succeeding century approximately, the veggie was progressively introduced somewhere else. It’s efficiently matched to the regional weather condition in Scotland and also have actually ended up being stylishly there, also. Scots offer it similar to this as an element recipe, however furthermore utilize it as a feed for animals. Having actually matured there, I bear in mind seeing lamb thankfully ended up within the topic after the harvest of the market-worthy environment-friendlies!

The customized of sculpting pumpkins for Halloween genuinely furthermore originates from this simple veg. In Scotland, Eire and also components of England, you ‘d generally sculpt a swede for Halloween and also make it right into a light. I actually feel out-of-date stating I bear in mind doing this as a young child, nevertheless I did – it is smaller sized nevertheless a fair bit harder to sculpt than a pumpkin!

Mashed rutabaga (swede mash or neeps)

Is rutabaga idea of reduced carbohydrate?

Rutabaga isn’t with out some carbohydrates or sugar, therefore is not as reduced in that regard as state cauliflower, if that is something you are trying to keep down. However it does match right into a keto or reduced carbohydrate food strategy sparsely and also has one more nutritional benefits.

Rutabaga is an efficient supply of fiber, fats cost-free and also includes a spread of vitamins like potassium, magnesium and also vitamin C. And also, it has a gorgeous, delicately sweet preference so it is something that is a delicious option to consume somewhat than merely because you actually feel it’s a should to.

Mashed rutabaga (swede mash or neeps)

Preparing rutabaga

Rutabaga is a fairly firm veggie so can be a little frustrating to slice right into. However, it goes to the really the very least with none seeds and also commonly not also layered in swellings and also bumps. This indicates it each peels off somewhat merely as well as likewise you simply dice it when you obtain previous the main reduced or more that might be more difficult.

Typically, the fifty percent near the highest possible is darker, basically purple, in color on the skin. I normally find you could wish to peel this half a little bit added to do away with the greener-looking flesh that might be added durable.

Mashed rutabaga (swede mash or neeps)

For this dish, you require to dice the peeled off rutabaga/swede right into pieces. I suggest somewhat little – rounded 1in/2.5 centimeters so they do not take also extensive to prepare supper.

If you take place to have actually listened to the stating, environment-friendlies expanded listed below all-time low, start food preparation in cool water, over flooring, start in searing, that holds true for this also. Origin environment-friendlies are added thick so desire the steady warming of the water to prepare supper them uniformly.

Whereas I would certainly include milk to mashed potatoes, for swede I would certainly in any way times merely make use of a little butter and also an outstanding work of black pepper. You potentially can include a little milk or lotion when you prefer a richer, smoother structure, nevertheless I find with out is each delicious and also appropriately mild. The veggie’s pure sweet taste stops by means of appropriately, also.

Mashed rutabaga (swede mash or neeps)

Mashed rutabaga is probably a much less regular veggie aspect recipe than a few other, however it has a beautiful preference and also is simple to make, also. Swede mash is certainly delicately sweet and also sets so efficiently with meals like sausages, roasts and also stews. And also haggis can be lost with out these neeps, also. So provide some an effort rapidly.

Make every effort these various delicious veggie sides:

Mashed rutabaga (swede mash or neeps)

Publish Dish

Mashed rutabaga (swede mash or neeps)

This simple, delicious mash is an outstanding various to potatoes (or along with it) that sets totally with numerous keys.

Preparation Time 10 mins

Prepare supper Time 20 mins

Whole Time 30 mins

Training Course: Aspect Meal

Delicacies: British

Servings: 4 ( or 3 hardly larger)

Power: 139 kcal

Designer: Caroline’s Food preparation



  • 1 1/2 pound rutabaga 680g swede, peeled off weight round 620g/22oz
  • 1 pinch salt
  • 3 tbsp saltless butter 44g
  • 1/4 tsp black pepper approx


  • Peel the rutabaga/swede, removing all the external layer of pores and also skin and also any kind of locations listed below the pores and also skin that show up a little bit unskilled and/or harder. Dice the interior fifty percent right into dices round 1in/2.5 centimeters (a little larger is alright).

  • Location the diced rutabaga in a pot and also cover with cool water. Include a pinch of salt. Cowl and also position the pot on a medium-high heat to supply it to a boil.

  • As quickly as boiling, reduced heat to keep at a progressive boil and also prepare supper for rounded quarter-hour till the rutabaga hurts to a knifepoint. Eliminate from the heat and also drainpipe.

  • Include the butter to the prepared, searing rutabaga in little things and also mash them jointly so that the butter thaws in as you mash. Offer the mash an outstanding spices of pepper, to design, and also a little salt when you actually feel it desires it. Offer warmth.


This takes advantage of one medium-large rutabaga/swede nevertheless you potentially can merely scale up or down relying upon the range of veggie you can have (video clip exposes fifty percent quantity, for example). The technique is comparable, it needs to merely take a bit longer to find back to a boil with added within the pot. Round 1tbsp/14g of butter per 8oz/225g of rutabaga/swede is an efficient info. If you require an extra-smooth mash, you ought to make use of a stick/hand blender or food processor or dishes cpu to mash as an option of a hand masher.

Diet Regimen

Power: 139 kcal| Carbohydrates: 15 g| Healthy Protein: 2 g| Fats: 9 g| Saturated Fats: 5 g| Polyunsaturated Fats: 1 g| Monounsaturated Fats: 2 g| Trans Fats: 1 g| Ldl cholesterol: 23 mg| Salt: 31 mg| Potassium: 523 mg| Fiber: 4 g| Sugar: 8 g| Vitamin A: 266 IU| Vitamin C: 43 mg| Calcium: 76 mg| Iron: 1 mg

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Mashed rutabaga (swede mash or neeps)

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