Our favorite athletic gear of 2021 — The Nutrition Mechanic

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From Dina:

I find my Zone-Flow-Therapy when I’m in the woods or in the mountains. And good ol’ dirt/farm roads work for me too. To keep my feet comfy and blister-free, there are 2 keys: good shoes and socks. Seems obvious, eh? Except it can take forever to find the magical combo that works for the long haul.

For shoes, I’m a humongo fan of Altra Running. They are my Go To for trail running (my fave shoe is the Lone Peak), hiking, road running, work attire (ha ha), and I even wear my oldie Altras for my strength workouts. I love the bigger toe box, the work they’ve done to design a better fit for the female foot, and the different cushioning options. I also respect the diversity and inclusion efforts of the company, along with the movements to destigmatize mental illness and their attention to trail maintenance. They’re doing good stuff while they keep the tootsies happy.

For socks, I give props to SmartWool, a Colorado-based company that I fell in love with eons ago. I never knew “performance wool” until I met SmartWool. The unique blend of fibers make for durability and comfort, while their attention to seams, ventilation, cushioning, and different sock heights equal a #1 in my Sock Book. Big props goes to the company for their commitments to social impact and climate-positive action in their 10-year roadmap plan that includes increasing their BIPOC brand ambassadors, enabling regenerative farming practices for their sheep farms, eliminating single use plastics, and promoting ‘product circularity’ to reduce landfill and environmental impacts. Check out their Second Cut Project where you can recycle ANY of your socks to keep them out of the landfill and help make dog beds. High five to you, Smartwool.

My last shout out is to BOCO Gear, a Boulder-based hat and athletic gear company. While I’ve worn many of their hats and visors over the years, the staff helped me to design Nutrition Mechanic visors in a non-stress and fun-filled process. After having a previous bad experience with another custom hat company, BOCO remedied my pains and gave us new schwag to sport.

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