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From Dina:

There are so many great Colorado companies out there, so hats off to ya’ll doing good stuff with food and services to help us athletes and athletic folk. My top 3:

While I do love to support locally owned sport stores, not all of them supply much in the way of fueling products. This is why I’m giving a shout-out to Colorado-based The Feed for their array of sports nutrition, hydration products, and training gear. You can think of The Feed as the Amazon equivalent for athlete fueling and accessories – a one stop shop if you’re looking for new sports nutrition products (or simply need to stock up) or you need recovery tools, framebags, softflasks or other goodies to keep you moving and grooving. They have awesome coupons and sales, and their website is actually easy to navigate and informative, a much appreciated feature when you’re in a hurry.

My next shout-out goes to AthleteBloodTest for their blood testing services. This company is The OG and began blood monitoring of athletes way before you knew it was a thing. When examining your blood work results, they use a combination of athlete-specific data and pertinent peer-reviewed research to assess your performance and recovery markers, trends, and provide personalized guidance to you. There are actual human beings (trained in medicine, sports science and physiology!) who put their eyeballs and brains on your results when interpreting your data and making the recommendations. After personally seeing several reports from the “other guy” in the marketplace who offers this testing, I stand by ABT for their methodology, their comprehensive interpretation, scientific rigors, and personal touch.

My last but not least shout-out goes to REVO Physiotherapy and Sports Performance in Boulder. There aren’t enough synonyms for “awesome” when it comes to describing the services, the staff, and the expert care they provide. No matter if it’s physical therapy for an injury or surgery recovery, movement assessments and injury screening, bike and run fits, building strength and power, yoga and massage… they have it all under one roof (and even offer telehealth and virtual services). While the staff has worked with countless Olympians and the gamut of pro/elite athletes, you can be an Average Jane like moi and still be treated with the utmost respect and they’ll go the extra mile for ya. REVO: You are Top Notch and you are Family.

We hope you enjoyed reading about our favorite CO food and service companies.

High fives from The Nutrition Mechanics,
Kristin, Maggie, & Dina

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