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From Dina:

Received as a gift from a dear friend, the Run Fast, Eat Slow cookbook has been a staple in Chez Mechanic Griffin. While it seems like it’s only geared towards runners, all athletes can reap the benefits and food enjoyment of the recipes contained within this resource. Oh and I know, I know… this cookbook is actually from 2018 and there’s a new cookbook from the same authors hot off the press, but sometimes the oldies-but-goodies never need to disappear from your I can count on this bookshelf.

From the muffins that have a secret ingredient to the beautifully simple salads, to my favorite ever tempeh ratatouille (SO GOOOOOD), to the nourishing soups and easy batch entrees, this recipe collection is one of my top recommendations.

The bonus is that you don’t need a ton of time and 5-star culinary skills to get through these recipes. That is a big Win in my book o’ life right now and I bet some of you can high five me on that.

Got a favorite cookbook these days? Or online resource? Please do tell !

Your Nutrition Mechanics,
Kristin, Maggie, & Dina

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