Over 40 Inspiring 50 Pound Weight Loss

Over 40 Inspiring 50 Pound Weight Loss.

Sometimes life throws us the most heart breaking things. The tragedies that make us forget ourselves as we navigate the grief.

Maybe you’ve had a tragedy happen in your life that has thrown off track. If so, I ask that you read Shana’s inspiring story. If you are ready for a change in your life too, you can get started today!

10 years ago, Shana was going through a Hitch Fit plan post pregnancy and doing well. Then the greatest tragedy occurred when she lost her daughter. For the last 10 years, the grief was consuming as she forgot about herself and her health.

Here we are, 10 years later, and she decided that it was time to take charge of her health, for herself, for her family. And at age 45, she DID it.

Shana has gone through two Hitch Fit plans now. She started off with a Lose Weight Feel Great, and decided she wanted to continue on with the Bikini plan. She has shed OVER 50 POUNDS!

Her results for this Over 40 Inspiring 50 Pound Weight Loss results are jaw dropping and life changing!

Shana’s Before and After Fit at 45 Stats: 

Starting weight: 202

Ending weight: 149

Starting body fat: 45.48%

Ending body fat: 19.8%

Shana’s Before and After 50 Pounds Lost Photos: 

50 pounds lost at 45

lose 50 pounds after 45

Shana’s Hitch Fit Transformation Story and Review:

I was introduced to Hitch Fit over 10 years ago. I had just had my 4th baby and knew I wanted to get back in shape after my pregnancy. I had lost weight after my 4th baby but struggled to lose the rest of my post-baby weight.

I was searching for something to help me and came across Hitch Fit! I started their Lose Weight Feel Great program and was doing what I felt was awesome shedding that last baby weight, and then the unthinkable happened. My 3-year-old daughter Ava fell seriously ill and a month later she passed away.

I was devastated, lost, and broken…..For the last 10 years, I continue to deal with the grief, but over that time I just stopped caring about myself to put it in simple terms.

I focused my energies on supporting and helping my children who were 10, 5, and 1 at the time through their grief of losing their sister along with my husband and me trying to navigate this new normal in our lives.

Over the last 10 years, my weight fluctuated all the time. I would gain and then lose and then gain and then lose but never really stuck to anything.

This year marked the 10 year anniversary of my daughter gaining her angel wings and I finally decided that I was sick and tired of being sick and tired and decided to commit to Hitch Fit once and for all!

I reached out to Diana and Micah and so glad I did as I feel like I am regaining myself again!

I knew it would take commitment and hard work especially with the weight loss goals I had for myself and not to say I didn’t falter once, twice, or many times, but always reminded myself of what my goal was at the end to keep me motivated.

In the beginning, it was HARD! I hadn’t done much exercising or really watching what I ate for a very long time!

The days, in the beginning, were hard, but I wrote my goal on sticky notes and placed them on my mirror to remind me every day of what I wanted and needed for myself.

After a few weeks, everything then started to really become a habit.

The workouts were always challenging as I went along my journey but it became something I craved instead of something I drug my feet to do.

I feel now that I am addicted to working out and strength training!

Through this process, my whole body started to feel better….I NEEDED to exercise and eat better because I realized that I FELT better.

Aches and pains were gone, my mood improved, and could see the glimpses of the “old” Shana.

Not going to lie…seeing the pictures of me at the beginning of my journey is HARD, but I know that I have learned and accomplished so much over my time! I know that taking time for myself is just as important as my being there for my kids and husband because I know now it MAKES me a better wife and mother.

The support and guidance I received from Diana are AMAZING!

Her tips and tricks along with her positive and encouraging words kept me motivated even when I may not have been or the scale and measurements may not have “changed” like I thought they should each week!

Diana is the BEST and I feel that she is part of my family even though we have never met in person!

I have now successfully complete two Hitch Fit plans back to back. I started with the Lose Weight Feel Great, and after the success I had with that, I continued on and have now completed the Bikini Body Plan too. I have lost OVER 50 POUNDS at age 45!

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bikini model

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