The Lunar & Solar Eclipse Calendar For 2022, From Astrologers

Seeing red? Lunar eclipses transpire when the full moon opposes the Sun at the same degree of the zodiac sign on the ecliptic. With the Earth sandwiched between these heavenly bodies, el Sol casts a shadow that slowly bleeds across the surface of the moon. (In fact, due to its reddish tint, a total lunar eclipse has earned the nickname of “blood moon.”)

Lunar eclipses are prime time for doing shadow work and dealing with feelings we’ve ignored. Buckle up, buttercup! Situations could pivot abruptly or come to a sudden, unceremonious halt. If anything in your life is “eclipsed away,” here’s our advice: Stop chasing and give it some space. You’ll either manifest a better option or circle back to this later—after you’ve processed the lesson and evolved!

There are two lunar eclipses in 2022, and both are total lunar “blood moon” eclipses. The first one simmers in Scorpio on May 16, followed by the Taurus full moon on November 8. Power struggles could be explosive (and fascinating) near these days! Nefarious details may come to light, exposing hidden agendas, crimes, and scandalous underground activity. Will it be shocking? Absolutely. Picking up the pieces could take a while, but with no-nonsense fixed sign energy (Taurus and Scorpio) helming the operative, these eclipses force us to deal with the facts and devise solutions that may require rebuilding from ground zero.

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