TRT for Weight Loss


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TRT for Weight Loss


By George Touliatos, MD


Q: I am 41 years old, and recently I found my total T is 230 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL), but I am overweight. Do you advise me to go for TRT [testosterone replacement therapy] or just try to lose weight? I tried to lose weight but it’s very hard to lose body fat and do cardio.


A: Your levels are officially hypogonadic and it’s either primary or secondary, depending on the gonadotropin levels (LH/FSH). What is more important is that you have officially reached hypogonadism and your HPTA is already declining 1% each year from age 40. It’s highly unlikely that you will recover following a PCT protocol and even if you do, the levels that you will reach will be not promising (doubt the levels will reach mid-range). Therefore, my suggestion would be to start using testosterone and since you’ll reach eugonadal levels, you’ll be able to lose weight and oxidize adipose tissue. It’s against the odds to have a good metabolism with such low levels. Also, you should check out your thyroid panel (TSH, FT3, FT4, anti-TPO, anti-GH).

George Touliatos, MD is an author, lecturer, champion competitive bodybuilder and expert in medical prevention regarding PED use in sports. Dr. Touliatos specializes in medical biopathology and is the medical associate of and, Age Management and Preventive Clinics in Athens, Greece. Heis the author of four Greek books on bodybuilding, has extensively developed articles for and is the medical associate for the book Anabolics, 11th Edition (2017). Dr. Touliatos has been a columnist for the Greek editions of MuscleMag and Muscular Development magazines, and has participated in several seminars across Greece and Cyprus, making numerous TV and radio appearances, doing interviews in print and online. His personal website is












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