Vedic Astrology Yearly Forecast For 2022: Thoughts Create Reality

This shift toward the power of consciousness begins in April, the most consequential month of the year in which Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu, and Ketu (the planets of destiny) shift signs all at the same time. 

It’s like the “radical change of direction” my father once advised me to take when I felt like I was falling while skiing. “It keeps you from wiping out,” he explained, “by surprising your momentum.” As I explain in my Vedic astrology masterclass, The Moon: Your Mind, Your Soul & Your Inner Goddess, the planets undertake a similar radical change of direction when they transit new signs.

Before April 12, you may find yourself impatient that things will never “get back to normal.” You may start to doubt your own sense of hope and feel annoyed when other people show theirs. Here we must remember the Buddha’s third noble truth: Suffering has an end. (To which I’d add—but not like you thought.)

Beginning April 12, the sign that our suffering’s end is near appears like a snake swallowing its tail. Rahu (the “head” leading toward the future) meets Ketu (the “tail” connecting us with the ancient past) as they move into sidereal Aries and Libra respectively. 

Over the next 18 months of their collective transit, Rahu presents us with a dazzling array of brilliant new technologies of Mind. Medicine moves toward the Mind. Economies move toward the Mind. Technologies become interactive through the Mind. To this Ketu in Libra makes each of us a philosopher, posing the question again and again: What’s real and what’s not?

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