Weekly Horoscope For January 10–16, 2022, From The AstroTwins


Messenger Mercury plunges into its first retrograde of 2022, scrambling signals until February 3 as it drifts back through Aquarius until January 25, then Capricorn. While communal Aquarius is in Mercury’s crosshairs, group dynamics will get WTF weird. Save the development meetings for next month and use January for think tanks, research, and brainstorming.

Technology could go on the fritz since Aquarius governs our digital devices, so strengthen your passwords and back everything up to the Cloud. When Mercury drifts back into Capricorn from January 25 to February 3, you can give your 2022 goal sheet a no BS review. In a way, this is a blessing: Mercury retrograde is not Satan disguised as an iron-core, terrestrial object. It can be a fruitful time for all “re” based activities like reviewing, refining, and revising. Quash any notions that starting 2022 means crashing out of the gates at full speed. Give yourself a little breathing room to really figure out what projects are worth taking on. 

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