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One of many greatest elements of candle magic is knowing learn the flame, in addition to the wax, and even the glass surrounding your candle.

Quinn tells mbg that the flame measurement can inform you numerous about how a lot vitality you are working with. As you’ll be able to think about, an enormous flame means this can be a very energized studying. If it is small, it might point out you are coping with a “gradual burn” situation which will take a while to maneuver by means of.

That is additionally true of the velocity at which your candle burns. “If a candle burns actually quick and actually clear, then there aren’t loads of restricted perception techniques or vitality blocking that intention. If it takes a very long time to burn, that might imply that you just’re shifting by means of some totally different challenges with a view to get to that intention,” Quinn explains.

If the candle burns black on the clear glass, she provides, that additionally means there’s loads of vitality and perception techniques to maneuver by means of that can assist you get to your intention. (Simply do not confuse this for black on the glass left out of your lighter—at all times use an extended candle lighter and lightweight it from above to maintain this from taking place.)

Take note of the wax as properly. When wax sticks to the edges of the glass, aka “tunneling,” this could point out that you’ve resistance or “stuckness” on the best way to your intention, Quinn says (otherwise you’re simply burning your candle incorrectly).

And lastly, control the candle wick as properly. If it begins splitting otherwise you discover it is shifting in a sure path, Quinn recommends asking your guides what they’re making an attempt to inform you.

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