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What you focus on is often what you get.

I believe and know the body can heal given the right tools and creating that right space for it to do so.

Arthritis is one of those things that I am working on healing.  I have been diagnosed over a year ago and the only recommendation by doctors is a hip replacement.  But something different went in my head and heard. 

“I can heal this I told myself.”  Obviously the anti-inflammatory diet was not enough.  There are other things that are contributing to this!  I need to keep working through the childhood emotional experiences and the burdens I took on in childhood, plus the ancestral patterns of destruction, shock and betrayal.

Plus, I have to fix the position so that joint can heal – if it is rubbing, that won’t be helpful to healing.

My ministry helps me focus inward.  There is a higher power which resides in my heart and being.  The Path To Heal energy work I do helps to release those emotional experiences and ancestral patterns.

The founder of the church who ordained me wrote:

How can you heal your body? Keep the pictures in your mind that you want more of.
Keep those pictures in your mind and always look towards them.
And move your body into those things that you want more of and feel good towards.
The alignment between the thought and feeling you have and the moving of the body toward the image starts to heal the body. Let your face light up with the blessing of being alive.
Just hold with that image — through everything.” John-Roger, DSS

Last month, I wanted to dance at my niece’s wedding. I had that focus since I learned of the wedding in March.

I kept that vision in my mind.  Dancing in heels (at right) at my niece’s wedding.  via spiga navy suede shoes

I kept asking God and my body what it needs…now.

I did PT, added myosource bands to amplify the exercises and engage the right muscles groups,
I did yoga with the bands,
I moved as I needed for each day – just enough to challenge it, but not so much it was now recovering from the exertion.
I continued to eat an anti-inflammatory diet, including copaiba and turmeric essential oils,
I had my stools analyzed to help identify and correct inflammation originating in my gut,
I do energy work and trauma-informed work to help clear the childhood experiences and burdens I took on which create a huge amount of stress and deplete energy away from healing and regenerating…

I accepted and still accept where I was and it sucked at times, and where I am.

I yelled and screamed when I was frustrated, let that out and breathed deeply to calm myself down and ask

“God, what do I need to do now?”

I leaned into what He wanted me to do.

And at the wedding, as I was changing from my Doc Maartens into my navy Via Spiga heels, I remember asking God “you know, I have asked and been doing the work….Can I move well in these Via Spiga shoes? Please?!?”

And for that afternoon and evening, I was granted ease in movement in those shoes…even if I did wear my Doc Marten’s in between.self and sofia before wedding in doc martens

I do this for me, but also to help you create that space so your body can heal.  It knows how, you just have to be patient, do the work and ask God for what it is you are asked to do next.

If you want to create that space for your body to heal and unravel the layers hindering the process, reconnect to God and his healing power, please schedule your 15 minute chat or complete the contact form so you can finally feel better than you expected starting now.

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