What’s In Store For Love This Year

Just like Mercury, Venus bookends the year in the sign of Capricorn, setting a serious tone for love in 2022. Are you sick of playing around? Longing for a partner who can go the distance? Tired of having that same old argument? That’s great, but first, how about a little introspection? Venus is retrograde as 2022 kicks off—a cycle that begins on December 19, 2021, and lasts until January 29, 2022. Backspinning Venus holds up the mirror. You attract what you put out there. Your relationships are a reflection of your own inner world. If you want to turn the tide, the change starts with you…not them.

That’s not to say you’re stuck doing all the work! Overfunctioning is another shadow expression of Venus retrograde in Capricorn. That exhausting behavior tends to make others retreat and become even lazier! The “givers” of the world may need to rein it in and stop enabling their underfunctioning partners.

Fortunately, tenacious Venus in Capricorn loves a challenge. You may feel incentivized to put in the effort, and hopefully your partner does, too. January could bring some uncomfortable (or downright agonizing) tests for couples. But if you are both committed and willing to push through, you can create a lasting sense of security. Even if everything’s copacetic on the surface, check in: Are your life goals aligned? If not, how can you change the structure of your relationship to support one another’s objectives? Maybe one of you takes on a second job while the other goes to school for a semester, or you pool resources to buy land. You might hit the last wall and decide on a trial separation.

Whatever the case, you’d be wise to get everything out on the table before January 29. It helps that Venus lingers in Capricorn until March 6, giving everyone a chance to process the retrograde’s grueling lessons.

Does it feel like you’re perpetually single—and not exactly loving it? Upgrade your criteria. We all have a lusty animal living inside of us, longing for bodice-ripping passion. Nothing wrong with that! But if chasing “your type” has thus far led to more heartache than heat, expand your palate. Add more sustainable “Capricorn” qualities to the 2022 menu such as reliability and financial security.

Few people can maintain peak excitement levels 24/7. And those who boast this superpower are probably living unbalanced lives. Crash! Rather than giving in to bouts of romance addiction, try this: Commit yourself to a passion project in early 2022. Throw the same devotion you had for a Tinder thirst trap into making art, raising funds for a community-based organization, or helping your sister plan her 40th birthday party. When you keep yourself busy and happy, the idea of coming home to a loving, consistent mate could suddenly become very appealing.

Do you have a “one that got away”? You may get a second chance with someone who drifted out of your life—or meet someone who has your old flame’s hottest (and coldest) traits. Venus retrogrades can make you behave quite out of character. You might even act out a hidden fantasy, one that may (or may not) have been better left to the imagination. Do your best to keep a clear sense of boundaries because “going there” during Venus retrograde can wreak havoc on relationships.

P.S.: Venus was last retrograde from June 13 to July 25, 2020, in Gemini. Couples were separated by the pandemic (spawning the term “isolationship”) or forced into a new form of exposure therapy by spending 24/7 together. Dating became a literal health risk. It was the scariest kind of spring fever imaginable. But Venus’ full circuit through Gemini (from April 3 to August 7, 2020) brought hidden blessings. This sapiosexual cycle favored intellectual stimulation and thought-provoking conversation—basically what flirting looked like in 2020. Gemini also rules mobile devices and written communication. During the months when texting and videosexting were the safest path to erotic fulfillment, it certainly helped to have Venus logged in to this digital domain.

For couples, Venus retrograde in Gemini pushed difficult dialogues to the surface. Many fractured bonds hit the breaking point, which freed the lovelorn to find more fulfilling alliances. For other lovebirds, a healthy new communication style emerged.

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