Why You Must Always Hydrate After Dry Brushing, From A Derm

I won’t go over the step-by-step order for dry brushing, but I will say the general overview of how it fits into your routine is as follows: Use your brush on dry skin, shower as normal, hydrate on damp skin. Post-wash of any kind, it’s essential to seal the epidermis with a hydrator in order to trap in water. When water sits on the top levels of the skin, it can sometimes evaporate into the air around you—a dehydrating process called transepidermal water loss. This is exacerbated on freshly exfoliated skin, as the excess dead skin cells present on the stratum corneum have been removed. 

There’s a positive spin to this, too: All those hydrating ingredients and antioxidants in your lotion of choice can penetrate the skin a bit deeper. We recommend looking for a lotion with several types of moisturizing ingredients, so it can address skin hydration from several angles. For example, you’ll want to look for humectants (like aloe vera and glycerin) to attract and bind water molecules—as well as more emollient and occlusive ingredients (like shea butter, squalane, and botanicals oils) to create that conditioning and comforting layer of the skin. 

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