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I have not been feeling great lately.  And maybe you have too.

I have felt lost, alone and honestly a bit depressed.  And it lasted a good 4 months!  I kept doing my thing, but I just was blah more than rah!

I retreated into my own little bubble scared to post anything for fear of criticism – that i am doing things wrong, that i don’t know what I am talking about or worse, that I am crazy!


I keep working on feeling the love that God has for me, and know He does love me even when I am bummed out.  I sit with it hoping it passes.  I am brace that I have depression or whatever I want to call it.

…..but because of parts of my childhood and the way I experienced situations, I work through issues alone.  I forget that I have some amazing friends who could help make a difference and get me out of my doldrums.  I just sit with it alone and wait for it to pass.  I do my healing sessions alone and forget I can reach out to other practitioners for help.  Often I need someone other than ME to ‘see’ what is really the underlying issue!

It is how I have learned to deal with any challenges in the past. But it is also time for me to break free from that past way of doing things and choose to embrace my God given gifts of intuition, empathy and compassion, and reach out to friends who will lift me up.

I cannot do it alone.

And You do not have to do it alone.

I create that safe space for my clients to share their inner most fears and emotional betrayals without judgement…and help them work through them with grace and ease.  But then I don’t use that same advice for myself.  Hellooo…


I do not have to do this by myself.  I do not have to just focus on the light and my connection to God. He gave me friends and tools to use so I can remember His love and other’s love for me (and I need a reminder to love me, too!).know that you are loved


I, like you, have to reach out to others so I can ‘see’ what the real issue is or what story I am telling myself.  Then I can be reminded of how amazing I am, as in these down times, I forget who I am and why I am here.  This time, I wondered yet again, whether I am living my purpose.


All I want to do is help others love themselves more and be more loving to themselves first so they can be loving to others.  I want to help you unravel the layers that keep you safe from criticism, but also safe from living the life you want.  I want to help you past those memories that come bubbling up and cause you lose touch with your own self worth.  I want to help unravel the layers of pain so you love yourself, your body and your life.

I finally realized, I am really not alone and I do have people who love and support me!  And so do you!

If you have felt a bit off lately, and need that pick me up to know that you are loved and amazing, schedule a call, or a 45-min Be Whole session for $87 (save 25%) and we’ll show you how to feel the love for yourself and release the old stories that keep you stuck in the muck. 


I call this trauma-informed therapy through the energy work I do as life is about how you feed your emotions, body, spirit and mind.  It’s nutrition for the body, mind and soul.


If you’re feeling off, we can unravel where the imbalance of one of those areas is so you can feel whole and like your true self again.  If you want 1 session, grab that now
3 x 1-hour session bundle is a great way to get the needle moving in the right direction.  Grab that special now for $297 (save 30%)


And like it came up with a client today – embrace your crazy as your true spirit wants to be seen and heard!  Keeping your true spirit safe from criticism can also keep you safe from living!  In my client’s case, she responded with


yeah, my kids love it when I am crazy and singing, and my fiance looks at me with such adoration when I am being silly.  I guess that is my true spirit that I need to let shine.”

I realized, too that the more I let my true spirit shine, the more people love me.  The more fun I am, the more I talk about how the body can heal naturally by working on the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual layers combined, the more people love what I have to say.  And the less I react to criticism as I now know that I can stand up for what I know to be true for me.

And I want that for you as well!

Go be that 7 or 12 year old who wants to play, sing and dance!  And release the beliefs you learned or observed in childhood that make you think you have to do it alone or have to hide who you really are to be loveable and loved.


Be your true self and feel whole again!

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